Men And Women; The Sex Drive

The question most people ask in sex discussions is who has the greatest sex drive between men and women. The answer to that question varies from one person to the other. However, it is perceived that men have the strongest sex drive than women. Let’s look into that.

Do men have a stronger sex drive than women?

Yes. A bigger percentage of men think more about sex than women. This is the reason why men cheat more than women in relationships. So it can be correct to say that men can’t just get enough of sex. But does this mean that women don’t have the drive? Of course they do. They only have the control. That’s what differentiates our desire.

How do you reawaken your sex drive?

There are different factors that affect your sex drive. At the beginning of every relationship, getting heated up for sex doesn’t take much time, in fact, most new couples are always at each other every minute of the day. With time, this desire fades away. Here is how you can bring it back.

1. Take a shortcut

Try out something that insinuates it’s sex you want. This can include reading a soft porn magazine or book. This works for men. Women prefer reading romance novels. This means that you shouldn’t feel inadequate when your partner results to erotic content.

2. Be adventurous

One thing that kills the sex drive is doing the same thing over and over again. Being adventurous and trying out something new always works for both parties. If you were excited about sex, you would make the time. The excitement only comes if you know you are about to try out something new.

3. Open up

Smoldering resentments, not alleged time pressures, are often the true cause of a diminished sex life. Being too busy for your partner totally kills the sex drive for all parties. No one wants to cuddle with someone whose mind is not in the moment. So opening up to your partner and knowing to separate work time from sex time will help you regain your sex drive.

4. Work on your appearance

Once you get into a relationship, you tend to forget why your partner was attracted to you in the first place. And that’s where we go wrong. Sex desires will always come in play when you first notice your potential partner. So doing or exposing what your partner was attracted to will help get back the drive.

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